Vehicle Rentals
Texas Transportation Museum has three vehicles available for parades and other activities such as car shows, photo and video shoots, weddings and even funerals. The rental fee covers the cost of a driver and transportation to and from your location, if required.
1924 Buffalo Fire Truck
1924 Buffalo Fire Truck
1924 Buffalo Fire Truck
1924 Buffalo Fire Truck
1924 Buffalo Fire Truck

1924 Buffalo Fire Truck
1924 Buffalo Fire Truck
1924 Buffalo Fire Truck
The 1924 Buffalo fire truck is the ultimate parade vehicle. It has been successfully driven in every major and many minor parades in San Antonio. It's reliability is second to none. Because of its size, it is very difficult, and expensive, to trailer this vehicle outside San Antonio.
1924 Ford Model T Truck
1924 Model T Truck
1924 Model T Truck
1924 Model T Truck

1924 Model T Truck
1924 Model T Truck during filming of PBS documentary, "El Camino Olive Trails."
The 1924 Ford Model T truck has taken part in a number of parades and car shows. It was also heavily featured in a PBS documentary called "El Camino Olive Trails." It can be driven anywhere within the city limits of San Antonio. Moving it by trailer outside of San Antonio is relatively easy.
1929 Ford Model A Truck
1929 Model A Truck
1929 Model A Truck
1929 Model A Truck
1929 Model A Truck

1929 Model A Truck
1929 Model A Truck
1929 Ford Model AA at "Lacy Veronica Underwood" independent movie shoot, January 2011.
The 1929 Ford Model A truck is both handsome and distinctive. It has been is dozens of parades, cars shows and a couple of movie shoots. It has an outstanding record of reliability. It can be driven anywhere with San Antonio. Moving it by trailer outside the city is relatively easy.
Terms and Conditions
Operating antique vehicles is labor intensive and expensive. There are also liability issues. As such the costs for renting our vehicles is relatively high. They are, however, less with the charges offered by the very few commercial outlets in the city that offer this service.

Additional fees for fuel may be required if the distance involved is over 50 miles.

The minimum fee for renting these vehicles for a parade that will take the vehicle off the museum's property for over four hours is $600.00. The fee includes fuel, insurance and a driver. Only an insured TTM driver may drive the vehicles.

Persons or groups renting TTM vehicles are responsible for decorating it within the guidelines set by any event organizers. TTM is fairly tolerant about how you decorate our vehicles. For night time events, we can provide a generator for an additional fee if one is needed to power lights. We may also be able provide a certain amount of suitable lights.

All persons riding on a TTM vehicle must sign a liability waiver before the parade begins. Parents or guardians must sign for riders under the age of 18.

TTM will not allow riders to violate event rules, such as throwing items to the crowd, the consumption of alcohol, and/or any other restrictions.

TTM reserves the right to deny an individual or group to ride on our vehicles if we suspect inebriation, if event rules are not being followed, or if there is a risk to TTM’s reputation or property due to behavior, dress or language
Photo & Video Shots

The fee for a video or photo shoot depends on the location and the amount of time the vehicle will be needed. If the shoot is at the museum, the use of our vehicles will be included in the total fee for the shoot. Some of our other vehicles may also be available if only needed for static background purposes.(See link on right hand side.)

If the shoot is within San Antonio, the fee is $600.00 per day. This includes our driver. Actors may be allowed to drive the vehicles on a very limited basis providing they have personal insurance and demonstrate an ability to drive these antiques.

If the shoot is outside of San Antonio, additional fees will be charged to cover the costs of time and fuel. If it is to be a long shoot at a different location, accommodation and meals for TTM personnel will have to be provided
To make a reservation of for more information, contact the TTM Manager.
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