School and Organized Group Visits
Providing educational tours is one of the most important functions of the Texas Transportation Museum. We have been in the business for over fifty years ! When it comes to school groups, it's impossible to calculate the educational value the students will get from their visit. They will move beyond reading and watching TV and the internet to actually experiencing how railroads in particular helped to develop this entire nation. These could be the most cost effective dollars you will ever spend on their education.
Friday School Group Visits
TTM is available for organized school group visits every Friday throughout the year. Students can experience a real train ride and then be taken around the museum by their own teachers and parents to see our fascinating and diverse exhibits from horse carriages and wagons to outdoor model railroad layouts. We recommend that larger groups be split up into smaller groups to help maintain control and maximize the amount of time each student gets to see everything. One group can be in one area and another somewhere else.

  • To ensure we have enough volunteers to look after your group and to operate the train, please make your booking is at least two weeks prior to the date of your intended visit
  • To ensure we cover our costs, there is a $100 minimum per group.
  • TTM requires a non-refundable 50% deposit for all groups at least one week before the intended date of your visit.
  • TTM will re-schedule visits due to inclement weather or other significant situations.


Children: $5

Teachers and Chaperons: FREE

Weekend Group Visits

TTM welcomes groups on Saturday and Sunday but does not provide tour guides on these days.  The minimum size required to get the group rate is 20. Unlimited train rides included in admission. One person only must pay for the entire group otherwise individual admissions will be charged at the regular rate of $10 per adult, $8 per child.


Individuals: $5

Minimum group size: 20


To ensure all museum visitors have an enjoyable and safe visit,
be so kind as to follow the following safety and courtesy rules

Please do:
  • Supervise all children at all times
  • Stay completely away from the railroad tracks
  • Remain seated while on the train and obey all staff safety instructions
  • Stay out of marked restricted areas for your own safety
  • Use trash receptacles provided
Please do not:
  • Smoke, consume alcohol, or use drugs
  • Climb on or touch any static museum exhibits or equipment
  • Use offensive or profane language or play loud music
  • Run on any part of museum grounds
  • Use any glass containers or other glass items outdoors
Failure to follow these rules may result
in you being asked to leave the museum
Getting to the Texas Transportation Museum by Bus
Excited for your trip to the Texas Transportation Museum?  If you’re traveling with groups of 18 and more, consider renting a private shuttle with GOGO Charters San Antonio.  Other options include National Charter Bus San Antonio, Longhorn Charter Bus San Antonio and San Antonio Charter Bus Company respectively.
Picture of a recent 200 plus school group visit
From bus to train in just a few moments. George Gervin Academy visit, April 2011.
All aboard!! George Gervin Academy visit, April 2011.
Listening to a museum docent. George Gervin Academy visit, April 2011.
Walking around our huge private grounds, free of traffic. George Gervin Academy visit, April 2011.
Lunch before we leave. George Gervin Academy visit, April 2011.
TTM welcomes groups of all kinds, large and small, from from schools, day cares, and folks visiting in tour buses. We are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most of school and day care visits happen on a Friday. Please try to book as far in advance as possible as TTM is an all volunteer organization and we need some time to make sure we have enough volunteers available, especially the train crew.
Pictures of a recent school group of 40
Moving on from the train ride. San Antonio Science and Technology Academy visit, April 2011.
Moving on from the train ride. San Antonio Science and Technology Academy visit, April 2011.
Moving onto the static rail display. San Antonio Science and Technology Academy visit, April 2011.
Moving onto the static rail display. San Antonio Science and Technology Academy visit, April 2011.
TTM provides an educational experience you won't find in any book or computer!
At a science exhibit in the main display building, under the watchful eye of former board chairman, Frank Brogan.
Just a-waitin' for a train.
Former board chairwoman, Marian Planas, demonstrates exhibits in the depot baggage room.
Train rides are included in the group rate admission, except for really small weekday groups. For many youngsters, this will be their very first train ride. Reading about railroads in books or on the internet cannot compare with the real live experience of riding the rails or seeing a genuine traditional depot and walking through old fashioned passenger cars that became sleepers at night as even what we consider to be relatively short journeys today sometimes took days in days gone by.
Everyone, except Mr. Happy in the back row, seems to be enjoying the presentation from the curator, Jared Davis.
We've been known to have a group or two on Thursdays.
A cub scout group visit supervised by board vice-chairman, Ben Bennett.
There is a great deal to be gained from breaking away from the confines of the class room and experiencing what you are learning about first hand. Travel by railroad is no longer a regular experience for the majority of us and yet they were so instrumental in making this country what it is today. Your students will have an incomparable educational experience.
School group visit.
School group visit. Riding in the open flat car.
School group visit. Riding in the caboose.
School group visit. Passing the static display, which can be walked through.
Not only did the railroads open up the western frontiers, and move countless millions of people and tons of material, they created many characteristics of modern life we take for granted now, like standardized time. They were also at the very beginnings of the telecommunications era. Telegraph wires followed the railroads and made instant communication across the continent a reality with very efficient telegram services.
School group visit. Learning about the historic depot from museum curator Jared Davis.
School group visit. Looking through the main display building.
School group visit. A chaperon explains about the 1963 Lincoln convertible.
School group visit. Down at the garden railroad.
Of course, we have other exhibits too, including our automobiles, fire trucks and horse carriages. We have several operating model railroad layouts which provide children with a stimulating perspective on the size and scope of what railroads still do for the country. One of the layouts is a large scale outdoor operation which again gives your students an opportunity to be outside while still learning.
Booking Your Group

Please complete and submit the form below to book your group.  This also applies for general inquiries as we will need most of the requested information to properly assist you.

We will contact you by phone to confirm your date and arrange payment.

For more information about hosting your event at TTM, call us during regular business hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our number is (210) 490-3554.

You can also request information by sending us a message.  Click the link below.

Brandy Barber, Party/Group Coordinator.

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Train rides included with admission.

$1 off admission per person
when train rides not running.
Admission rates vary for Holiday, Special
and Night Events.
We accept:
Allow at least 90 minutes to see the
entire museum and ride the train
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