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What are the safety rules?

Please DO:

  • Supervise all children at all times! TTM is not a playground.  Children may climb and play in the picnic and wooden train area ONLY!
  • Only cross railroad tracks at the crossings
  • Remain seated while on the train and obey all staff safety instructions
  • Stay on walk ways and Stay out of marked restricted areas for your own safety.
  • Use trash receptacles provided

Please DO NOT:

  • Do Not walk on Railroad Tracks
  • Smoke, consume alcohol, or use drugs
  • Climb on or touch any static museum exhibits or equipment
  • Use offensive or profane language or play loud music
  • Run on any part of museum grounds
  • Use any glass containers or other glass items outdoors

Failure to follow these rules may result
in you being asked to leave the museum

Where is the museum located?

We are located at the corner of Wetmore Rd and Wurzbach Pkwy, with the entrance on Wetmore Rd. 

11731 Wetmore RD, San Antonio TX 78247

What about parking?

Parking is free during regular hours and events!

Please note, the main lot is gravel.

Handicap parking in the main lot is located next to the ramp up to the depot, a paved spot is located next to the depot platform and Main Display building.

ADA Accommodations?

TTM is actively ensuring to make sure everyone can visit.

Train rides are Accessible on the covered flatcar

Due to the historic nature of railroad equipment, not all exhibits will be fully accessible.

Are Pets Permitted?

All pets are permitted as long as they are on a leash and well behaved. And if they are super good, we may have a special treat for them!

Are food and drink available?

Drinks are available for purchase in the depot

There is a water fountain is in the main display building

Snacks are only available during events

Please feel free to bring your own food and drinks and use any available picnic tables on our property.