Making donations to Texas Transportation Museum
TTM is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable corporation
TTM is a 50 year success story thanks entirely to the support we receive from the community. Our only source of revenue is admission tickets sales and donations. There is no better organization in San Antonio than the Texas Transportation Museum where your donation will have such an enormous impact. Everything we have has been the result of a donation!
TTM has relied 100% on visitors and donations for almost 50 years!
Since the museum was founded as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation on January 1, 1964, we have been so lucky to receive so much generosity from the community. This includes huge items, such as retired depots form railroad companies, steam locomotives, rolling stock, automobiles, tractors and horse carriages. It also includes many, many, smaller items, such as pictures, badges, railroad passes, model trains and fascinating small gems such as dated rail nails. All of this material comes together to help us tell the fascinating story of how transportation developments have helped shape our modern world and it is all very much appreciated.
TTM gets no funding from local, county, state or federal government
Without the support of the community TTM simply would not exist. We are very proud that we are such a valued part of San Antonio and South Texas. We accept donations both large and small all the time. If you have a valued transportation artifact, be it books, pictures, model trains, an automobiles or something related to railroading in general, such as uniforms, time-tables, lanterns or anything else, we are would be delighted to help you share it with a large number of appreciative people.

How you can help TTM become even better
Join Us As A Volunteer
TTM is open three days a week and there is seemingly no end to the many tasks for our all volunteer membership to take care of. As well as the obvious big stuff like operating the train or driving our antique vehicles, there are the equally important tasks of operating our model railroads, selling tickets and items from the gift shop. We always need more docents to describe our exhibits and answer the many questions posed by our visitors. One of our principle missions is to educate young people and our school group visit program is one of the best in the city. You don't have to be an expert to become a valued member of our team. If you've always wanted to operate a locomotive, we actually have a program that will allow you to do just that! All you have to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to be part of something very special in San Antonio.
Donate An Item
If you have a cherished item, such as a classic automobile, or railroad collection of some kind, be it model trains or books, for example, and find that you need somewhere to look after this important piece of your history, you can do no better than donating it to Texas Transportation Museum. As our lives change, we sometimes, regretfully, have to make difficult decisions about how to take care of things we have acquired along our journey. Simply selling these cherished items is often an unpleasant way to take care of this touchy situation. Making a donation to an institution that will esteem your gift as much as you do makes a lot of sense. Because TTM is a registered 501(c)(3) such a move can also help ease your tax burden.
Give Money
Money is the gift that never offends and is constantly useful! Over the years TTM has been extremely fortunate to have attracted donations from individuals, foundations and private companies. It is worth mentioning that TTM receives no funding whatsoever from the city, the state or the federal government. We have grown as a result of attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years and generous donations from our community. Some of these donations have been given for our general use and others have asked us to use their gift for a specific purpose, like using their vehicles in parades. Sometimes people want to create something new or help us expand a part of our operation, such as increasing the length of our tracks. If you are interested in making a donation, please let us know how you would like it to be used. We will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes. We can help you make a bequest or set up an endowment as well. We intend for our museum to be active and growing a hundred years from now. We ourselves may be gone but the good works we do today can live on and be a significant part of the future.

Our mailing address is:

Texas Transportation Museum
PO BOX 17928
San Antonio TX 78217-0928
In-Kind Donations
Many people want to do something good for their community but don't know how. If you or your organization have a particular skill, you might consider doing something for TTM which in turn is providing a valuable service to the community. For example, the boy scouts have completed numerous valuable projects over the years. You could help us restore one of our buildings, help with plumbing or electrical work, even hire someone to come to the museum to cut our grass, trim the trees and keep the all the brush from getting out of control. If you donate equipment, such as lawn mowers, or brush cutters, or painting systems, for example, that will allow our volunteers to perform these tasks more efficiently. We also need heavy equipment, such as tractors, back-hoes, fork lift trucks and road graders. Be as generous as you like! We can take it!

If you would like to discuss making a donation and help TTM become an even better institution, please call us when we are open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at (210) 490-3554. Or e-mail Hugh Hemphill, the TTM manager.

At the last count, TTM had over $2 million worth of collection items, almost all of which was was donated by people just like you
TTM is a registered 501(c)(3) charity
11731 Wetmore Road
San Antonio, Texas 78247
(210) 490-3554
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